Row house interior design-Hà Nội

  • Row house interior design
    Project:        Văn Phú interior design

  • Architects :      Archiworkplace Studio

  • Location:           Văn Phú- Hà Đông-Hà Nội

  • Lead Architects:           ĐÀM MẠNH LINH

  • Client:                                     MR.Dương

  • Area:                                            260 m2

  • Project Year :                             2018  

 Behind every building is contained a story, Behind every design concept is contained the enthusiasm of the architect. That is my story.

My redesign plan

This is a raw building of row house was built and transfer for my client by Văn phú victoria construction. The house has 4 floor and 1 attic. I received the request to redesign the interior part of this one. My first impress when I saw the old plan is the kitchen and living room is so small . So I decided move the living room to second floor. The ground floor is space for kitchen and dinning room. In vietnamese culture, the meal is when all members of family reunite. so this is where everybody have entertainment activities together, too.

The old plan

Another disadvantage of the old plan is when a people come in , they is come directly to living room without any transfer space like entry hall or welcome lobby..So I added one with a shoes storage.

Ground floor

I want to use the back yard on background of the ground floor space. It not only where getting light and air but also is place where the owners feeling peace and close with nature after a working day long. So I increase garden view, this solution allow me get direct light for the small toilet.

1st floor

On the first floor we will have bigger and more comfortable standard living room. The bed room I expand 800 mm to have better ratio. we will have the view to below garden and the roof of wc also for plant space. This is light source for the staircase . The wall is designed for shield the view from neighborhood to guaranteed the private but not close.

the living room
2nd-3rd floor

2nd and 3rd floor is getting light by void so the usage square is my priority . I switch from direct to indirect getting light through blur glass brick wall. The master bed room is larger with a home office according to the owner asked.

Roof floor

Finally is roof floor with altar space which is indispensable in vietnamese culture. I expand the door size of front garden to support the void getting light . This is where the out door activities like BBQ or party happen

And many detail is calculated to bring to the owners have better experience and more comfortable in a covenient life. Because the house is where we incubate simple happiness for every time we go out we want to come back the sweet home.

Entry hall

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