Villa in Garden

Project: Villa in Garden
Architects : Archiworkplace Studio
Location:Ha Nam
Lead Architects: ĐÀM MẠNH LINH
Client: MR Tuan
Area: 258m2
Project Year : 2020


Architect want to design for customer a convenient living space, Comfort and closeness to nature, all functional spaces are benefit from the view to the landscape. The house has 2 main landscape spaces: – The main garden in front of house : It has largest scale, has some utilities like pool and aquarium Koi according to the owner’s request. This part is located to Create a stepping stone for the beautiful lake view at the north.

The North is the approriate direction in fengshui of the customer’s age and also is the lake direction.

-The second one is Vertical garden. This is the space not only lighted up for the vertical traffic of the house( stair case) but also as the background landscape for the kitchen + dining functions. This is also a subtle hiding place to the entrance of the toilet area. In asia culture, when visitors need to use toilet, If they must go through kitchen or dining area is unconvenient thing

The lobby is an indispensable space for the house to become luxurious .That is the first impression when you approach the house.

The living room has a double high for expanding the view to the landscape

Koi aquarium is naturally shaped to create a relaxing feeling

Not only can you see the aquarium from a normal perspective, you can also watch the fish swimming around by the top view on the balcony at second floor.

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