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Villa in Garden

Project: Villa in GardenArchitects : Archiworkplace StudioLocation:Ha NamLead Architects: ĐÀM MẠNH LINHClient: MR TuanArea: 258m2Project Year : 2020 FIRST FLOOR PLAN SECOND FLOOR THIRD FLOOR Architect want to design for customer a convenient living space, Comfort and closeness to nature, all functional spaces are benefit from the view to the…

Rediscover tradition in the language of modern architecture

Design a small house in the countryside Project: The Cabin houseArchitects : Archiworkplace StudioLocation: Đồng Mai -Hà Đông-Hà NộiLead Architects: ĐÀM MẠNH LINHClient: MS QuyênArea: 58 m2Project Year : 2020 I have always cherished being able to create a traditional building but having to meet modern living standards, in a minimalist architectural language. Sometimes I feel like…

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