Aquarium and interior space

Aquarium and interior space – a work of art and a decorative element to help your interior space become more peaceful and luxurious.

Decorating an aquarium is not as simple as it looks, not just an fish tank but rather an underwater world with trees, hills, miniature architectural works, even a waterfall, like the images,or those cut scenes you might see in a movie

Strictly speaking, it is a cinematic picture of an underwater world. It’s similar to playing bonsai, this miniatures requires a lot of effort and an artistic eye. Through this article, as an architect, I would like to suggest to you some layout of aquariums in interior space to make it more beautiful and effective, as well as introduce specialized document channels. about aquarium for beginers.

30x30x30 Tank was setup by The cine Scaper

I/ Introduce:

I introduce you some good channels about aquarium setup.To create a beautiful, cinematic aquarium, You can find inspiration from the movie,manga, cartoon… you like.


植物男子 Asu

Green Aqua

Minh Ho

II/Consider the capacity and size of the tank:

Because this is a rather sophisticated hobby, if you do not have much time, you should consider for yourself a small aquarium tank, the price to buy equipment such as filters, lights are not cheap, so Small tank are good for beginners, can be placed in your favorite places and the space is small enough for your tank like working corner. Do not place a small tank in a huge space.

Looking at the small fish population is peaceful, isn’t it

For large tanks you should place in frequent places such as guests, kitchen, entrance hall …

III/ Some layout of tanks in interior space:

1-Combined with partitions, walls:

Partition is a fairly common element in architecture, used to separate spaces or born to cover redundant structures

2- Arrangement in a cabinet, shelf:

Similarly For aquariums in small cupboards easy to care for, can be arranged in small spaces such as working corners, lobbies, bedrooms …

Phù hợp cho cả Terrarium và Aquarium

3- Or simply place tank on the table:

4- Large tanks bring landscape utilities such as garden miniatures :

These tanks are only suitable for conditional players (rick man :))

IV/ General principles when designing landscaping in houses:


I just recently read an article criticizing architects for using excessive and useless spaces or landscapes, in my opinion that the article was have both right and wrong side. For an architect, every space has its meaning and function, if the creator did not know then the journalists would criticize it, I will share this issue more carefully in a later article.

I would like to share my own design principles with spaces with lighting elements. (Natural or artificial and plays the role of views):

1-Landscape space is divided into 3 types, inside, outside and half inside:

The landscape in the home is not for decoration. It was born with the main function of supporting the lighting for the vertical space of the house. (Ladders and staircases). Or places that are difficult to get light.

2- The landscape space is used to highlight a major functional space around it (background)

and must be connected to the traffic of the house if it does not want the space to be a non-functional dead corner or just a plant a tree :)).

3- For landscape spaces is not connected to the outside and only indirect lighting (indoor landscape), the maximum should be 2 floor height.

You don’t want to see a 4.5-yard tall garden that creates a lot of problems.

V/ Conclusion:

Hopefully the article Aquarium and interior space can help you have a new passion,

Personally, I really like these small aquariums, and hope to do it by myself in the near future. Especially in the time of this epidemic covid 19, we have to stay at home.

Stay at home and build an Aquarium

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