5 reasons why you need a well designed house?

That’s the question an architect like me always has to answer every time I get a design request for a client, how does my design help them? . What do you need when looking for an architect to design your home?

1. First, the house must solve the basic problems that customers encounter. I do not sell drawings, that is not my purpose, I give customers a better quality of life.

Therefore, the spaces must meet the scale of your family’s use comfortably in the best standards. Whoever you are, a politician, a star, a wealthy businessman, or an ordinary person, must live in the same design standard.

The important thing is how the chair is, how does the bed help you, make you enjoy life, or simply to sit and lie? . Improve all human activities to the level of enjoyment is what an architect does.

5 lý do tại sao bạn lại cần một căn nhà được thiết kế tốt ?

2.My job is to create emotions for the living space. Our life cannot be interesting without our emotions, And do you realize that emotions occur in the buildings that you live or come in every day?. That’s where you communicate, where your activities take place. Imagine you are living in a house with just walls around, you miss out on the emotions you might have with family watching a garden look out over nature’s activities,
like a streak of sunshine on a grass, a drop of dew on a leaf, raindrops ….

Even if you are not a romantic person, you cannot refuse a few moments to make life more interesting, especially after tired working hours.

 Architecture is where you create emotions, and it has to evoke positive ones.

5 lý do tại sao bạn lại cần một căn nhà được thiết kế tốt ?
5 lý do tại sao bạn lại cần một căn nhà được thiết kế tốt ?

3.Evoke your beautiful memories: It can be a window frame with flowers when you have been dating, maybe a corner of childhood autism with toys, or spaces that remind you of The person who you love most.… Each space always tells a certain story about its owner, then from the story becomes the beautiful memories that take place in it. 
Architecture is a memory. Remember that

không gian thư giãn

4.You can get good habits in a line of functions that the architect presets.

 I couldn’t design anyone’s lives, I just tried to make theirs more convenient.
Why do I always advise my customers, especially female owners, should have a kitchen with a cooking space that can look out when cooking?, I simply want to free them from treating cooking as a chore, facing the kitchen all year round, I want to elevate it to a hobby, Something they would expect to enjoy. Cooking while watching the beautiful garden or simply watch your husband and kids play. Or what do you think if there is a working space that always inspires you, motivated you to want to work?

Or a house that connects members of different ages in a family closer. The examples are very small but show you the importance of design, architecture is also an art, it also has the nature of directing people to the values ​​of truth, goodness and beauty in life.

thiết kế nhà liền kề văn phú by archiworkplace

5. The house will have a higher value when it is optimized for good performance.

The house is also an asset, and when it is well designed, the value of that house will increase many times. Although you may not be an investor, you know the difference between a normal $ 2 pen and a limited edition $ 800 Jonh F kenedy pen, even though both are for writing.

thiết kế tủ bếp

These are 5 reasons why a house needs good design not only to show you how important the environment’s impact on people is, but also 5 criteria for you to evaluate whether your house design is worth the money or not. Wish you have a dream home.

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