Find new interior styles with Vietnamese characteristics in Industry 4.0

Over a period of time living as an architect, I have always wondered about a typical interior style of Vietnam 4.0 for all ages, characterized by the lifestyle and culture of Vietnamese people today but retaining the traditional features.

Easy to say but really to clarify the essence of 4000 years of history, We must study a lot, but it’s better to start than nothing. Temporarily call the new interior style that I am looking for is Vietnaminimalism.

-About design philosophy:

Each interior style needs a unique and consistent design philosophy, To create a new one, we have to start from the design philosophy, too. That’s the norm, the concept, the definition of this new design style. With the development of the internet and the trend of integration, creating a flat world of information, the standards have also been internationalized, forming common standards in aesthetics and architecture, interior. Therefore, this new interior style is no exception to that rule

I have a strong impression on European and Japanese interior styles that are Scandinavian, Minimalism, modern classic, Tropical modernism( By Geoffrey Manning Bawa-Sri lankan)… They all have common that is minimalism in form,
promote beauty in opposite concepts, balance between detail and non-detail is nearly perfect, harness the contrast among space and furniture, major and minor.

Since then I also want this new style to follow such characteristics. Minimalist architecture is the background for the intricate handcrafted Vietnamese tradition furniture, I said that was not like we kept the whole set of tables and chairs too many details or chinese mix style. Each piece of furniture needs to be redesigned with modern aesthetic standards. Controlling the amount of detail just enough.

In the world, there are Japan and China which are the two countries with the most typical cultural elements, they have been incorporating contemporary aesthetic standards that we can learn from.

Japan and China already have buildings that we can learn from.

-About Local materials or materials with local characteristics:

 This is probably the thing that makes me feel most compelled to combine the traditional with the modern. It must be said that traditional materials for making furniture in particular or traditional architectural materials in Vietnam are quite diverse . From bamboo, rattan, rush, stone, ceramic, porcelain …

-Pattern and decor bearing Vietnamese identity:

pearl mosaic, Đông Hồ Painting, wind paper ( Giấy gió), oriental paintings, oil paints, sculptures, lanterns, ceramics, porcelain, brocade, etc.

Arts and crafts villages of Vietnam are quite diverse

-Not just stopping at the form or Shape of building:

For every architect, a beautiful architecture is not only about form but also creating spaces that evoke good habits, restore and develop the precious qualities of the Vietnamese people from past to present (for example, promoting common spaces,playground and yards that are more accessible to neighbors. A beautiful architecture must be built in a beautiful community. Towards a lifestyle close to nature, in harmony with the plants from which makes the human soul more beautiful and peaceful….and many other things architects can do with their space to improve the quality of life of their customers.

Vietnamese architects have also been developing a modern but still Vietnamese architectural style

In short, to be able to distill the unique values ​​of Vietnamese culture and architecture is very difficult because we have had thousands of years of domination, But it is not impossible because the key lies in the feeling of a person living in Vietnamese society like us. We know what we need or lack, what we need to change …

To archive that development, Need the hands and lead of Vietnam architects, Traditional craft villages (must learn to change models of furniture, decor stuffs). The exploration and research will produce profound experiences.
Maybe each architect will have their own opinion but somewhat of a joint hand to build an architectural style with a more Vietnamese identity, more suitable for Vietnamese lifestyle. So that when outsiders look at our buildings, they will know right away that this is a project in Vietnam, not neglected like China or Japan.

Let’s strive for such a future.

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Phong cách nội thất mới mang đặc trưng Việt Nam trong kỷ nguyên 4.0

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