The Importance of soul in creative works

I still remember my feeling when one of my masters told me:

If you have a ruin of soul, you are only a zero all round.

That is the moment I was aware about fostering my soul and realized the importance of the heart with my life and work. Every works need a soul to promote all your abilities, Especially for works related to creativity, This is most importance and necessary . Those works require us have a pure soul and feel life more deeply. Every human was born with the purity and beautiful soul, but when we grow older we more affected by negative emotion from outside: Greed, hatred , ambitious …But life is to strive for the better, so we need often detoxicate and fostering your soul to feeling the wonderful edge of life, take all bad and good thing gently .The soul make the difference of every people, Our own style in the way we work . I believe that each of us is a special individual , There are things that only you can do and I don’t and vice versa, We are only special when we are ourselves.

There are many ways to foster your soul but in the context of this article I want to talk about what we do and the most popular is through films. Of course, like those who make it, there are two good and bad sides, here I only talk about the positive side. Because finding beautiful emotions is the purpose of feeling the world with a more positive outlook, The following is what I think after watching the good movies and feel that can be applied in life and creative work:

1.Love is the foundation of life, and to create things with souls.

“Whennever someone creates something with all their heart, then that creation is given a soul” Baron (The Cat Returns 2002)

In this world, all things flourish from love, I think love is the essence of every problem., The same with creative work, when you create something with your whole heart, that means you give it your own soul. I personally admire the Japanese very much, because they always raise their level of work to the level of belief, anyone can be an artist in their field. , No matter what profession they observe, they feel the love they have for their work. This is reflected in the famous and humane anime movies.

2. Beauty is not only in perfection but it is always hidden in the most simple things. Feel everything around in a positive way.

Just like love always goes hand in hand with pain, there are two sides of it, you don’t think the pain is anything beautiful, you should think again, every extreme, every thing has a beauty, but only when we have gone through it, remembering that they often watch as viewers so we can feel it clearly.

“Life is like a piano. Black keys represent sadness. White keys represent joy. As you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.” Your Lie In April

Architects are like filmmakers, we are telling stories that people and emotions are always central.

3. Develop sympathy and affinity

Sympathy is one of the most fundamental emotions of people. Life will be softer if we empathy for each others, think of a problem in many ways, according to different perspectives, putting ourselves in the shoes of others. This is very important to the general design and architectural design in particular, that is to feel the customers’ feelings when living in the space we design

Observe the innocent children, they can ask a flower, a toy what your name is, for children everything has a soul, they sympathize with everything. Empathy is a measure of humanity. Since then there have been characters who are personified in movies, although they are not real but reflect a very beautiful perspective on life. Makes us aware of what we do, between people and people with senseless things, without voices like the environment, nature

“Sympathy is that we make others things that we want to receive too.”

4.We are all walking on our own journey to find the most important things for ourselves, to enjoy and feel the meaning of life.

Surely one of us once asked ourselves, why do we exist and what is the meaning of this life? And each person will have a personal answer but there are also people who are very vague about it and only know to exist in the journey of life.

We all know the purpose of life, so prepare yourself for the most important baggage before each trip is to determine what your purpose is. Thereby focusing on the core, and gradually remove unnecessary things so you can enjoy every moment in this journey.

There are 2 questions that I always ask myself before deciding on anything:

What is most important to me?

How do I want to become a person?

Life has a lot of things that bother us, many things that make us want to learn, lots of knowledge, like we standing in the middle of a vast field of boxes that we all want to open. all out to see what’s inside, but we have to accept the fact that we don’t have enough time to do that, so choose the boxes that we think are really necessary .

In short, There are many good movies and meanings and above are only small parts that I still remember or related to the things I think, If you have any really memorable and meaningful films, please share below comment.

The important thing I learned is: Living is to strive for better things, enjoy joys, and sadness, and always believe in yourself and what you choose. Always dream and plan every step of that dream. Enjoy the process, not expect the results.

Hope this article is helpful, help you feel the meaning of the soul in creative work. Through this article, I really knew that I did not have a talent for writing but at least I tried and felt happy with writing..:)).

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Songs of emotional and the importance of soul in creative works

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