Rediscover tradition in the language of modern architecture

Design a small house in the countryside
  • Project: The Cabin house
  • Architects : Archiworkplace Studio
  • Location: Đồng Mai -Hà Đông-Hà Nội
  • Lead Architects: ĐÀM MẠNH LINH
  • Client: MS Quyên
  • Area: 58 m2
  • Project Year : 2020

I have always cherished being able to create a traditional building but having to meet modern living standards, in a minimalist architectural language. Sometimes I feel like architecture is like cooking a dish, you have to know what is the main ingredient of the dish, and elevate it, the spice reduction as well as your control over the number of limbs. period, must be sufficient. If too much will be distracting, if too little will be boring, sketchy.

Actually, with this project, I do not hope to be able to convey everything I want to do, due to the limited budget of the host. As always, I focus on addressing the most important thing with architectural design that is functionality, usefulness, to give homeowners the best living space possible. Here is my plan.

Ground floor plan

With the location of the land with a small entrance to the West is 2 meter wide and quite long, more than 12m, with the access to the house will be too long, the owner wants a small yard and I agree. It must have a garden or small yard, with Countryside Viet nam families, the small yard has a lot of special functions on occasions,The owner or neighbors have events (ask, marry, coax, stall). As for me, this garden and yard will be a facility to upgrade life, help people close to nature, create a comfortable mood for the house.And because the front will be built later, creating a yard on the non-square side and making it more open is an undisputed decision.

I limit the drawback of this long entrance, by cutting and introducing an indispensable function if you want the house to feel luxurious, which is Entrance Hall.

Illustration of Entrance Hall

Imagine walking into a small porch with banana trees on one side, opposite side is the steps with shoe lockers and the entrance as illustrated above, you will understand the feeling I want people to feel. about the first impression when access the house.

Illustration of house entrance

The entrance to the house you will see a balcony above to optimize the usable area for the landlord. it will have extend part towards the gate so whenever there are guests, the host can stand here to see who come.

Mezzanine floor plan

Because the number of family members and by future may have 2 couples, and 1 girl living there should have 3 bedrooms include 2 double rooms, 1 single room so the house needs a mezzanine floor. (The owner only wants to build a maximum of 2 floors). This creates a double high for the living room to make it more luxurious.

The guest, dining and kitchen functions benefit from the surrounding greenery.
The second floor plan

2nd floor layout 1 double bedroom, 1 master bedroom with balcony as you can see. Utilities at a rate sufficient for a comfortable life.

South perspective

Southeast perspective

It is my share of design and the desire to Rediscover tradition in the language of modern architecture.

People often ask the question that I hear a lot, How much you save when hiring architects? Some landlords are quite costly, but I find the right question is How much can Architects save for you? with their plans. Through this shared article, I want you to have a reference when designing your home, as well as better understand the process of designing a home.

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