The Northern house

  • Project:         The Northern house
  • Architects :      Archiworkplace Studio
  • Location:          Kim Bang – Ha Nam -Viet Nam
  • Lead Architects:           ĐÀM MẠNH LINH
  • Client:                                     MR.Tuấn
  • Area:                                            254 m2
  • Project Year :                             2020
Ground floor plan

The owner is a generous and friendly person, expressing his desire to have a comfortable and harmonious life with nature, his land has two beautiful views of the lake: the north and the east. This is a northwestern land but according to the fengshui of the landlord born in 1982 combined with the North is Mercy angle, so I have come up with a very special plan to help him have a home that brings convenience. about everything.

With the main entrance face to the northern mercy angle, I rotated the shaft 45 degrees to create a garden strip with trees, landscaping, swimming pools and Koi aquarium. This makes the view area wider, the indoor functions will benefit from this landscape.

Because I rotated axis of home, I had to solve a problem of diagonal angle and sense of balance, we humans are already familiar with the balances posted so whatever the plan, architect. must also create a sense of balance in your space. If I can’t, my design will fail.

From the entrance through the main door is a square hall, if the house wants luxury, it is indispensable for this space. This is a space to welcome homeowners and guests, as a first look to impress those who enter, here will have a shoe cabinet, cupboard decorated as illustrated below.

Entrance Hall

Functional spaces will be arranged as satellites in an arc with the focus on the main function – Living Room

Illustration of functional spaces facing landscape garden view

With 2 front and back layout of the garden, the redundant corners I arrange a storage room and toilet, so users will not have the feeling of the house rotating axis to create a stable visual balance. I also created a double high for the living room to optimize the view of the landscape to make the house more peaceful and luxurious.

The back yard is also a stepping stone for me to turn the axis back to 2 bedrooms at the request of the host 1 for 2 special guests living here quite often, Bedroom 2 is for a family member.

Second floor plan

The second floor is simpler because Axis of house has turned back, there are 2 bedrooms with master functions, Room 1 with a nice view overlooking the garden and the far side is the lake but with the age of the owner, the location is not suitable. Therefore, it is possible for a child in the family to use, this bedroom is very special and luxurious because it has an entrance hall with one side of the view overlooking the living room and garden, and the other side is a display cabinet with widgets according to personal collections.

Illustration decorative cabinets- display gallery in the bedroom
Third floor plan

The 3rd floor is the place to arrange functions such as the Altar, karaoke room by request of the owner, a multi-function room that plays the role of a gym, a retreat with a reading space or family activities to play with roof garden, so that homeowners can organize outdoor activities.

Illustration of roof garden space

That is the interpretation of Northern house villa design, if you want to design a home for yourself, please contact me via phone number (+84)356983197 or via fanpage: KTS Dam Manh Linh .

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