Redesign interior concept

Redesign shophouse in Hai Phong-Viet Nam

Old plan

linh-1This is my ideas.

Two- third square of ground floor is shophouse. The rest of level is housing entrance connect to backyard. Entry lobby is motorbike garage. A small landscape leads to welcome space with elevator lobby. The next is transition landscape get light through glass bricks and doors to backyard. The wall of this space is nice background for Living room above.

linh-2You can see I design two voids of stair through second floor. And another start from 2nd to 4th floor. This is centered landscape get views for around spaces. It make we feel like living in a villa instead a townhouse with many levels.
linh-33rd floor has 2 bedrooms and a home office with a small library. Every bathroom is connected to outside to ventilate. Master bedroom have two side of views, one is outside, two is indoor landscape.

4th floor has 2 bedrooms and a mini cinema or entertainment room. This entertainment have glass ceiling help you can see stars at night.
linh-5Finally, Rooftop level has a basic functions of Vietnamese: Laundry, Gym and Altar. I split two parts of garden, One which next to altar is meditation space with Zen style. Another is rooftop garden with minibar for family parties. That is all of my ideas!



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