Redesign Interior Attached House

Redesign Interior Attached House

  Today, I continue present to you interior concept of  Vinhome attached house. This villa has a large basement but dark and damp. So I decide use a part of side garden above to get light for it, and connect with void of stair become a great natural view for basement. I save space for staircase by using cylinder vaccum elevator ( The owner ask for elevator). This kind of elevator have clear view to outside and make it become perfect for my design.

Cylinder vaccum elevator


Ground floor

  This void of stair is expanded become a vertical line to supply natural light and views for whole house. This natural void is center where every space around it. Create a peaceful and natural feeling.

2nd floor

  On second floor , I use air brick to get light for staircase. I always want my bed room design have two views, one to outside and two to inside garden.

3rd floor 

  Finally, The third floor with basic functions to vietnam traditional culture style.

  When design a building, I always take full advantage of light for both vertical and horizontal line. More simple more effective. I hope you can understand more about architect works through my design story.

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